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Kingslake has been in the business of creating mission-critical software solutions for nearly three decades. We continue to use that experience to build smart solutions that make our customers agile. The company delivers state-of-the-art solutions built with a mix of best-of-breed ERP systems, specialized software solutions and experienced dynamic consultants.

Who we are

From the outset, our mission has been to enable our clients to excel, from product concept, design and manufacture, to delivery. Leveraging expertise and capabilities built up throughout our partnership with Infor, Progress, Siemens, Zebra and Aurea we have actively supported diverse organizations in enhancing their efficiency and expanding productivity. This includes various companies from value-added tea to furniture, rubber-based products to complex electronics, high fashion apparel to elastics, packaging to plastics, molds to tools and electrical devices to glass.


We have been focusing on finding solutions to problems that our customers face in their daily manufacturing process. Our team of experienced professionals with over 25 years of experience in the Manufacturing Industry always ensures that our customers will be able to solve their problems and gain a competitive edge through the clever use of the software. Our solutions have provided the manufacturers with an unprecedented opportunity to completely re-invent and simplify their processes related to manufacturing and its management.


We have a full solution stack to help resolve main pain points in the manufacturing industry. We have been able to solve their problems in supply chain disruptions, capacity constraints, resource shortages, automation challenges etc. With our fit-for-purpose software solutions, manufacturing plant owners have been able to create a truly smart factory which has enabled them to have greater visibility in machine performance, supply chain and employees, resulting in increased ROI.


Kingslake builds and delivers software that enables manufacturers to increase the visibility of their operations, be it customer service, inventory management, planning, procurement, manufacturing, engineering, HR, transport or finance. We develop and deliver our solutions using cloud and cognitive technology with OPEX based subscription pricing to offer a rapid return on investment.

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