Advantages of an Employee Transport Management System -

Why should you adopt an Employee Transport Management System?

By Chamara Dissanayake | Employee Transport Management System

Providing transportation for the employees has become an inescapable part of today’s corporate landscape where most of the companies aspire to provide a comfortable travel experience for their employees which eventually result in improved employee productivity. By providing transportation services for your employees, you can reduce the time spent by the employee traveling from home to their office. In turn, they can use the extra time to do more work in the office.

However, managing employee transportation has remained a challenging area for many employers. They frequently struggle with support challenges such as vehicle breakdowns and estimated time of arrival (ETA) issues such as delays, inaccurate pick-up/drop-off times, employee no-shows, no contact with the driver, etc., apart from repetitive administrative tasks. These are on top of other critical concerns such as ensuring a safe and secure commute experience for employees, especially female workers.

This is why you should adopt an Employee Transport Management System. An Employee Transport Management system helps you to make your transport management operations automated, efficient and transparent. You can make sure all staff transport requirements are met and your employees are provided with a safe and secure commute experience. Your employees simply have to get into the vehicle, and it will take them to and from the office without any hassle. You can cut down delays and avoid wasting precious hours by making your workforce more productive.

With the ability of providing a more systematic transportation, it can help you to reduce your transportation costs as well. The cost of maintaining your fleet comes down drastically with the adoption of technology. With Route Planning, you can plan for the best route that will save distance and time. On top of that, you can make sure your drivers won’t be driving around unnecessarily. And also with customizable reports, you are guaranteed better coordination among Transport providers with accurate, error-free billing for transportation services. 

Finally, you can get an unexpected advantage which is that it helps you to go green by adopting a transport management system. There are many capabilities and practices that are good for the environment. By planning routes for the fewest miles travelled it will reduce the emissions and overall fuel consumption. Also with the automation of the planning processes it will reduce the reliance on paper. You can get access to large amounts of data and reports, without the need to use paper to print spreadsheets.

Kingslake provides a comprehensive Employee Transport Management solution in the name of KingslakeBlue TMS. It gives your organization end-to-end visibility of the entire transportation process and gives you the authority to control all the transportation activities. You can easily manage the transportation needs of your large workforce and also provide them a more accurate and secure means of staff transport. As KingslakeBlue TMS is a  cloud based solution, absolutely no maintenance cost is required. Capital expenditure is also minimal since it is a subscription based solution. For more information visit here.  

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