Atire to ride on Kingslake’s manufacturing software expertise

Atire to ride on Kingslake’s manufacturing software expertise

Leading IT and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) experts, Kingslake announced another groundbreaking partnership with Atire, the tire manufacturing arm of the Anunine Group, to streamline and optimize its production lines.

Leveraging the globally renowned ERP platform – SyteLine – developed by American multinational enterprise software giants, Infor, Atire will enable significant enhancements in the efficiency and quality of its manufacturing processes.

The optimization drive is part of Atire’s broader aspirations of becoming the largest forklift tire supplier in Europe and around the globe, using only the finest Sri Lankan natural rubber.

“Our brand has risen in popularity owing to the quality and reliability of our products, as well as the strong emphasis we place on customer-centricity. Based on these twin pillars, we have already sold over 4 million solid tires in highly competitive export markets. This has helped us to firmly establish our reputation as a brand which can be relied on at all times to get the job done.

“Through our partnership with Kingslake and the implementation of Infor’s SyteLine ERP, we are now investing in the next stage of our growth. With this technological infrastructure in place, we intend to further enhance our production capacity, introduce state-of-the-art products, and radically optimize our customer service capabilities.

Through such proactive investments, we aim to secure further growth opportunities, while aligning with national priorities on the expansion of local manufacturing and value-added exports,” Kalhara Happuarachchi, Managing Director of Atire said.

Commenting on the significance of the partnership, Kingslake CEO, Duleep Fernando noted how technology was enabling a new paradigm in productivity among local manufacturers.

“For the past 25 plus years Kingslake’s focus has been on providing state of the art, purpose-built solutions for local manufacturers in order to support major expansions in domestic value addition for everything from tea to furniture, rubber-based products to complex electronics, fashion to gloves, packaging to plastics, moulds to tools and electrical devices to glass. Leveraging our extensive in-house expertise, we have been able to design best-of-breed solutions that have enabled end-to-end excellence in local manufacturing from product concept, design & manufacture to delivery. We are therefore excited to partner Atire in their digitalising journey and look forward to working together to make technology work for Atire to achieve their business goals,” he noted.

“In today’s environment of lockdowns, curfew and social distancing it has made it inevitable for all parties to get together virtually be it requirement gathering, blueprinting, testing, implementation or training. This is the new normal and we see online meetings to be very productive in terms of being more focussed and time-efficient and in fact in this case we would definitely go live much faster than if we implemented the traditional way.” he added.

Infor CSI QuickStart – previously known as SyteLine – is an ERP solution designed to ensure that industrial and manufacturing organizations have deeply personalized solutions to meet their business-specific needs with role-based information, a personalized user experience, familiar tools, common navigation and last-mile industry capabilities that are built-in.

Since its inception in 1994, Kingslake has focused on providing software to help mid-sized manufacturing companies grow. The company delivers state-of-the-art solutions built with a mix of best-of-breed ERP systems, specialized software solutions and experienced dynamic consultants. Today Kingslake continues to build and deliver fit-for-purpose software that enables customers to increase the visibility of their operations, be it customer service, inventory management, planning, procurement, manufacturing, engineering, HR, transport or finance.

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