Role of Digital Transformation in the Apparel Industry

Kingslake’s Successful Webinar Explores Digital Transformation’s Role in the Apparel Industry

The rapid strides of technology necessitate businesses from all sectors to remain at the forefront of innovation. Kingslake’s recent webinar, titled “The Need for Digital Transformation in the Apparel Industry,” highlighted the significance of embracing digitalization in a traditionally rooted apparel sector. The webinar, which gathered experts and enthusiasts from the industry, offered a platform to comprehensively explore the complexities of digital transformation and its pivotal role in the apparel domain.

The guest speaker for the webinar was Professor Chandana Perera, a distinguished figure in academia and industry. Professor Perera, Senior Professor at SLIIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering, and former Dean of SLIIT Business School. With a wealth of experience including his tenure as a Professor and the Head of the Department of Management of Technology at the University of Moratuwa, Professor Perera’s insights resonated deeply with the audience.

Professor Perera’s discourse revolved around key topics that emphasized the urgency of digital transformation. He dissected current market trends and the compelling need for cost reduction strategies. His presentation dived into the role of digitalization as a potent approach to curbing costs while enhancing efficiency. Additionally, he expounded upon how the adoption of digital transformation can revolutionize supply chain activities, opening avenues for growth and optimization.

Following Professor Chandana Perera’s compelling discourse, the spotlight shifted to Reshan Perera, Kingslake’s Project Manager. With an impressive background in Industrial Engineering and Production Planning spanning over four years, Reshan is no stranger to the importance of optimizing manufacturing processes. His presentation touched upon the dynamic realm of changing consumer trends and the ever-growing significance of digital adoption on the sewing floor.

Reshan’s insights resonated particularly with industry practitioners grappling with challenges in line balancing and its integration into the broader digital transformation framework. The transformative potential of digitalization in balancing production lines was clearly interpreted, and attendees gained a deeper understanding of Kingslake’s innovative  solution – the Kingslakeblue Line Balancing.

This cutting-edge tool promises more than just efficient line balancing – it offers a comprehensive digital transformation of the entire process. Driven by the power of AI, Kingslakeblue Line Balancing empowers Industrial Engineering teams to achieve unparalleled productivity gains. It enables the identification and removal of bottlenecks, the assessment of excess capacity, and even provides recommendations for absent operators, all within a matter of minutes. The decision-making process is elevated through data-driven insights, skill matrices, and enhanced reporting visibility.

Kingslake’s successful webinar highlighted not only the significance of digital transformation but also the necessity of staying informed and adaptable in an ever-changing industry. The event left attendees empowered with knowledge, ideas, and actionable insights that could potentially shape the future trajectories of their businesses.

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