Kingslake streamlines Basilur Tea operations with Infor CSI

Kingslake streamlines Basilur Tea operations with Infor CSI

Leading IT and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) experts Kingslake announced a breakthrough partnership with globally renowned Pure Ceylon Tea brand, Basilur Tea, to streamline manufacturing operations through the implementation of the Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) Quickstart solution.

Kingslake has introduced next-generation seamlessly connected manufacturing technology capable of enabling advanced, highly flexible solutions and functionality that is essential for remaining competitive in a technologically driven environment.

Kingslake will host a free webinar that will provide comprehensive insights into how Infor CloudSuite can drastically improve planning and management of people, machines, and tools across a manufacturing supply chain.

The free webinar scheduled for 16 October from 3-5 p.m. will also detail out how enterprises can leverage the solution to reduce lead-time in manufacturing, minimise overheads, reduce work-in-progress and finished goods inventory and ultimately increase throughput in order to achieve expanded profitability in any manufacturing enterprise.

Speaking on the potential of Infor CSI Quickstart to catalyse growth at scale among Sri Lanka’s key business sectors, Kingslake CEO Duleep Fernando said: “Advancements in these technologies means that impactful solutions are more cost-effective and within reach of businesses of any size. For example, we offer special modular user licensed based pricing, which enables a more cost-effective approach to transforming manufacturing businesses.”          

He noted that the transformations initiated by Infor CSI Quickstart would ultimately deliver greater competitive advantage through increased efficiency and agility. 

Represented by Kingslake in Sri Lanka, Infor is a global leader in providing highly effective, cutting-edge business applications, which can be configured to meet the demands of a wide range of industries.

Infor CSI QuickStart – previously known as SyteLine – is a solution designed to ensure that industrial and manufacturing organizations have deeply personalized solution to meet their business-specific needs with role-based information, a personalized user experience, familiar tools, common navigation and last-mile industry capabilities that are built-in.

Basilur is a world-renowned brand of superior quality tea and herbal infusions with decades of experience producing and exporting the finest quality Ceylon tea. As the organisation has grown both in size and scope it has found it necessary to incorporate new technology that will enable it to advance its operation.

Commenting on the powerful benefits enabled through the implementation of Infor CSI Quickstart, Basilur Tea Director Operations Sumith Jayawickrama said: “Since our integrated manufacturing project came online, we have been able to significantly optimise production while staying on top of shifting market dynamics. This has allowed us to cover everything from smaller orders to large pack sizes, thereby giving us improved flexibility to simultaneously cater to the changing preferences of modern-tea consumers across the globe.” 

Speaking of the advantages of Infor CSI Quickstart, Senior Project Manager Shalika Pituwala said: “There’s no room for error in today’s highly competitive manufacturing sectors. That’s why we create and implement leading-edge digital technology that delivers solutions to simplify complex supply chains and helps businesses deliver on time, every time.”

Since its inception in 1994, Kingslake has focused on providing software to help mid-sized manufacturing companies grow. They deliver state-of-the-art solutions built with a mix of best-of-breed ERP systems, specialized software solutions and experienced dynamic consultants. Today Kingslake continues to build and deliver fit-for-purpose software that enables customers to increase the visibility of their operations, be it customer service, inventory management, planning, procurement, manufacturing, engineering, HR, transport or finance.

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