Kingslake unveils connected manufacturing and logistics

Kingslake unveils connected manufacturing and logistics

Kingslake recently conducted a thought leadership seminar, with a distinguished panel of speakers, on the new trends, technologies and solutions critical to the manufacturing and logistics industries. The seminar focused on connected manufacturing and connected logistics, highlighting the revolutionary technology now available to these sectors and why ‘connected solutions’ are an absolute game-changer for everyone involved.

The event was held on November 29, at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce. The seminars each took a deep dive and examined how connected solutions that involved Artificial Intelligence, automation, and the cloud was essential for the manufacturing and logistics industries, especially if organizations were to evolve, grow and remain competitive. The seminars also provided participants with contemporary insights into optimizing operations for greater efficiency and obtaining better overall value.

The three primary challenges facing manufacturing operations were identified and deconstructed. These challenges include maintaining the correct levels of inventory, challenges with production quality, especially during the production process, and the subsequent optimization of these processes. The experts at the seminar then focused on how these challenges could be overcome and how manufacturing industries can greatly benefit by having access to the right tools, techniques, and information.

The seminar on connected logistics focused on emergent trends within the logistics sector. The speakers also drew attention to these emerging trends within the industry by considering opportunities and threats such as the new IMO2020 regulations. They also highlighted some of the most interesting work being done by forward-thinking startups on applying AI to tackle bottlenecks in the supply chain. This was supported by real-life examples from experts in the field, including anecdotes pertaining to their own experience on the subject.

An impressive panel of industry veterans with years of experience and outstanding success in the industry spoke at the occasion. This included Dr. Dharmavasan (Chairman, Kingslake), followed by Charles Barrett, Consultant at Infor, and Ramamurthi Aiyappan’s (Director – Digital Manufacturing, Asia Pacific, Siemens).

Speaking about the immensely successful event Duleep Fernando, CEO said, “We develop and deliver top-of-the-line solutions using cloud and cognitive technology with OPEX based subscription pricing to offer a rapid return on investment. Ever since we set up business in 1994, we have focused on providing software to help mid-sized companies, especially manufacturing, grow. We have done this by delivering state-of-the-art solutions built with a mix of best-of-breed ERP systems, our specialized software solutions, and experienced dynamic consultants.

As a partner for Siemens, Infor and Zebra the three major solution giants of the manufacturing and the logistics industry, Kingslake supplies plenty of solutions and real-world expertise on the subject. Apart from the solutions we presented today with Infor and Siemens, we also partnered with Zebra enterprise mobility and data capture solutions to deliver cutting-edge hardware and a superior overall connected solutions experience, from configuring to deploying, from managing and troubleshooting to utilisation and insights’

We continue to build and deliver fit-for-purpose software to enable our customers to increase the visibility of their operations be it customer service, inventory management, planning, procurement, manufacturing, engineering, HR, transport or finance”.

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