KingslakeBlue TMS

A comprehensive employee transport management solution which helps you to efficiently plan, track, manage and analyse your corporate transportation. It gives your organisation end-to-end visibility of the entire transportation process and gives you the authority to control all the transportation activities.

Efficient Route Planning

The visual planner helps optimal route definition, combines multiple requests and automatically schedules optimal transport routes. Using GPS, we track the trip from start to end and monitor planned vs actual routes.

Employee Safety and Security

Our NFC enabled solution ensures the safety of the employees during transit; by tracking employee on-boarding, off-boarding, and monitoring vehicle movement with mobile devices.

Employee Visibility

Efficient monitoring of your transport plan, which in turn helps you to get attendance information well before they arrive at workplace.


Compare month by month transportation costs and transport utilisation. Get more insightful data about your transport to plan your future trips. Get valuable HR information.

Pay per use

Pay your suppliers based on the actual distance travelled, while optimising the number of vehicles on the road.

Cloud Based

100% cloud-based solution available on a monthly subscription (Pay As You Use). Have access to a hassle-free environment without the burden of hardware cost, licensing, hosting and maintenance.


A self-service employee portal handles transport requests. The sysA self-service employee portal handles transport requests. The system allows routine planning for regular trips and dynamic route planning for ad hoc requests. Dynamic route planning is enabled by visual and coordinates based planning for a superior user experience.tem allows routine planning for regular trips and dynamic route planning for emergency requests.


The schedule allocation provides information on the availability of vehicles and the drivers. This enables an optimum capacity utilisation. The monitor module also provides information for a regular transportation exercise. Reports can be generated and shared through emails.


This module helps track the safety and security of employees by providing real-time visibility of the vehicles. The employee safety aspect is enabled via a touch card that is tapped by the employee upon getting in and out of the vehicle.


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