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Efficiently run your Apparel Manufacturing Processes

Apparel manufacturers face the challenge of managing a large No. of workforce, orders, styles, material, processes and lines. They need to ensure that any exceptions are handled, any bottlenecks are cleared speedily and materials are processed in time for sewing.

Kingslake provides the latest advancements in digital transformation technology to help their customers to overcome challenges in resource scheduling and ensure full production mode in the factory lines.


KingslakeBlue Line Balancing

Ideal application for line managers to get the best out of their employees in the sewing line. This tool will help in levelling of workload across all processes in a line to remove bottlenecks and identify excess capacity. It balances the operator time and machine time to address constraints and use capacity in the most efficient way possible.

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KingslakeBlue SynCrona

Cutting Room Planning solution. Designed by a team of production planners, cutting room experts, apparel consultants and solution architects, it bridges the gap between the planning, cutting and sewing processes by providing optimized scheduling and monitoring of fabric cutting and laying activities.

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KingslakeBlue TMS

Garment sector which traditionally employs thousands of people is responsible for providing transportation to its employees. With KingslakeBlue TMS solution, you can easily plan and manage the transportation needs of your large workforce and also provide them a more accurate and secure means of staff transport.

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