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Aurea Jive

Leading provider of enterprise collaboration solutions

Aurea Jive is the engine behind meaningful enterprise work, connecting your people with ideas, information and each other to power the organizational missions that matter.

Jive dramatically improves employee engagement, alignment and productivity by providing a centralized hub for everyone to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Jive helps employees discover the relationships and expertise they need – all while slashing total cost of ownership and enhancing other applications, like Microsoft Office 365.

Complete Out-of-the-Box Intranet

Employee Engagement Platform

High-Impact Corporate Communications

Rapid Onboarding

Greater Connection

Cost Savings

News stream

Bring the same dynamic content that you display on the home page to other pages within your community, including push, following and custom streams.

Grid layout

Display links and images in an attractive grid format to showcase important stories and build visual navigation.


Create slideshows to showcase important content. Display slideshows on place landing pages and news pages using a variety of layouts and configurations.

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