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Aurea Messenger

Evolve your infrastructure at the pace of your business

With Aurea Messenger, you can integrate technologies without getting bogged down in time-consuming custom implementations or high-risk roll-outs. It’s a sophisticated messaging bus that facilitates swift and simple integration of mission-critical systems through Aurea developed or custom adapters

With Aurea Messenger Enterprise, your technology can finally keep pace with your business. Aurea Messenger is fully Docker-enabled, letting you break down silos in the software delivery process to enable continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Improved Speed

Cost-effective Scale

Real-time Analytic Insights

Greater Customer Experience

Flexible Enterprise Messaging

10x Data Capacity

Plug-and-Play ESB

Aurea Messenger delivers a best-in-class Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for rapid, simple integration and messaging between complex systems.

Multiple protocol messaging support

Solve the most challenging connectivity problems across SOA, REST, SaaS, and APIs. Aurea Messenger provides a unified, hybrid integration platform that creates a seamless network of apps, data, and devices.

Continuous availability architecture

Slash failover time without shared storage. Aurea Messenger’s patented high-availability deployment mode includes real-time replication across clustered servers, including messages and transactions

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