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Infor WMS

A unified WMS built for performance and scalability

Infor WMS is an advanced warehouse management solution  built to streamline warehouse operations through advanced inventory management, labour management, 3D visualization, embedded analytics and more.

It provides complete visibility into inventory, orders and equipment which helps businesses to reduce complexity and support enhanced operational execution of the warehouse. With increased speed and accuracy, you will now be able to achieve perfect order fulfilment at the lowest possible cost.

Cost Reductions

Accurate Billing & Collections

Labour Productivity

Social Collaboration

Maximized Asset Use

Strengthened Order Management

Voice Direction

Voice-enabled technology lets workers operate hands-free. Uses speech recognition for order selection, transfers, put-aways, receiving and replenishment.

3D Visual Warehouse

Transform warehouse operations by viewing workflows, high-risk inventory and bottlenecks via the interactive and embedded interface.

3PL Billing

Provides agile fulfilment by combining intuitive solutions, including customer-level costing, billing and invoicing in a single system.

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