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KingslakeBlue optiMax

Ship at Optimal Cost, Increase Profit

optiMax – a Container Loading Optimiser that calculates the optimal packing of products within containers. The ideal choice for exporting companies that need to configure the packing of containers for export. optiMax allows you to create orders with multiple products and containers to optimize container loading.

Ship the exact order quantities

Find optimal packing configurations

Reduce transportation costs

Know the exact shipping configurations at order placement

Determine the best product and container mix at the time of ordering

No more changes to shipping documents and invoices

Generate optimal loading configurations

Generate optimized packing patterns and also design pallet loading using product, order and container details.

Order entry with multiple products and containers

Adjust quantity and fill for 100% space utilization for selected products and containers.

Integrate with ERP systems

Obtain product and pricing information from ERP and generate invoices.

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