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Progress Corticon

Progress Corticon is a low-code, model-driven approach for creating and managing business rules that are targeted at business people, subject-matter experts (SMEs) and business analysts rather than application developers. In addition to business rules, the Corticon platform provides predictive data-driven decisioning.

Progress Corticon tames the complex rules that manage your business without user, performance, platform or language limitations. Strengthen your apps, keep pace with change and support the organization through automated decision management.

Easy to use






Analysis Tools

 Corticon Studio includes patented technology that automatically identifies logical errors in your rule models and provides interactive assistance in resolving them.

Model Testing

Corticon Studio includes a complete test bed for functional testing of rule models at design time. It provides the foundation for unit testing, regression testing and data-driven functional analysis at the granularity of a rule, rulesheet or ruleflow.

Business Rules Server

 It deploys and runs decision services designed in Corticon Business Rules Modelling Studio and executes data access requests.

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