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Strategically plan your glove production lines

The COVID-19 pandemic, safety rules and regulations at work places, increase in demand for superior performance and comfort and growing healthcare and food processing industries have driven the growth of the glove market.

Kingslake provides glove manufacturers with state-of-the-art software solutions which help them streamline manufacturing and gain insights into the business processes allowing them to deal efficiently with large scale operational complexities.


Opcenter APS

Planning production in multiple factories and lines for many sizes that need different types of Formers can become complex when the Former availability is a constraint. The Opcenter APS Advanced Resource Constraint Management and the Former Ratio Calculations widget help to automatically plan everything through the system and improve throughput.

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SyteLine ERP

Consolidated multisite material planning becomes useful when multiple plant requirements need to be combined. SyteLine material planning has the capability to handle all this as well as expiry and batch tracking especially when dealing with perishable material and chemicals. The QC, Factory Track modules help to maintain high production quality and provide accurate real time information.

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KingslakeBlue MES

KingslakeBlue MES  is a collection of state-of-the-art hardware and software components with smart devices and sensor interfaces to collect data, combined into an IOT-based smart platform. It is the ideal solution for the glove manufacturers to improve on-time order delivery with shortened lead times and streamlined operations.

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