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Zebra RFID

Relentless Performance in Any Environment

Fuel your business transformation and stay ahead with Zebra’s pain-free RFID solutions. Zebra removes the complications, allowing you and your manufacturing team to experience seamless RFID integration with maximum gains. Kingslake provides you with the Zebra world-class RFID Readers and Scanners.

Improved Inventory Accuracy

Faster Checkout

Efficient Returns Management

Eliminates Human Error

Better Decision Making

Just-in-time Replenishment

High RF sensitivity

 Highly sensitive monostatic RF ports provide the exceptionally high RF sensitivity required to deliver the greatest accuracy and longer read ranges.

Streamlined layout

A streamlined layout with all cabling and input/output ports located on one side simplifies deployment and management.

Flexible connectivity

Supports a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dongle for direct wireless connectivity to your Wi-Fi network, as well as Bluetooth-enabled computers and other devices.

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