Complete visibility.

Smart solutions for smart businesses.

Kingslake’s solutions focus on three areas: Manufacturing, Logistics and Warehouse Management; developed from our experience of implementing systems for more than twenty years. Advances in technology such as cloud computing, rules management systems, mobile devices and internet connected sensors are providing an unprecedented opportunity to completely re-invent and simplify processes.


We start where the traditional ERP system stops. Plans are fabulous but without the visibility of what is going on in the shop floor it is difficult to react to unexpected scenarios. Our TrackSmart system does just that using mobile


From transporting large workforces to movement of people and goods, our TranSmart solution provides advance notice of who is on a bus, where they are and when they will arrive. Not only that – it also helps plan the capacity


StoreSmart, our warehouse solution is designed for freight forwarders who now have to handle the increasing amount of goods that need to be stored on behalf of customers, as internet shopping takes off. It is easy to setup and simple