Smart storage.

Create a smooth supply chain.

StoreSmart is a cloud based yet simple and efficient warehouse management solution designed for freight forwarders and 3rd party warehouse operators to manage the flow of cargo as it enters and exits the warehouse.

Simple Implementation

StoreSmart is very easy to setup; with few clicks you are ready to go. Historic data can be imported from legacy systems.

Employee Efficiency

Recording of transactions is very easy in StoreSmart. Most of the data can be directly captured using barcodes. The great thing is that learning to work with StoreSmart is as simple as abc.

Stock Visibility

Great stock visibility; especially for distributors and webshops. The system also facilitates the scheduling of reports and emailing them directly to relevant users.

Reporting and Analytics

Users can create their own custom reports to analyze data at their convenience, the way they want it.

Work in your own terms

Multi language support means that you will be able to do the work in your own language. Documents can be uploaded for reference at anytime.

Simplicity – Cloud

100% cloud-based solution available on a monthly subscription (Pay As You Use). Have access to a hassle-free environment without the burden of managing complex infrastructure.