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Tackling Warehouse Management Challenges

In today’s fast-paced world, where technology is advancing quickly, consumer demands are changing, and global supply chains face disruptions, warehousing has become more challenging than ever.

Warehousing is a crucial part of modern business, connecting the production of goods with their delivery to customers. But it’s not without its problems.

This industry faces various obstacles, such as making the most of warehouse space, managing inventory efficiently, improving worker productivity, and meeting sustainability targets. These challenges are diverse and ever-changing.

In this seminar, we will be focusing on how companies can address these challenges and have a competitive edge while scaling.

  • Understanding the challenges faced in the Warehouse Management industry
  • How to overcome these obstacles and keep your competitive edge
  • The future of Warehouse Management

This seminar is on an INVITATION basis only, please register and share your details with us.

Event details

Date: 12th October 2023

Venue: On invitation

Time: 3.15 p.m. onwards


Mohammed Sheriffdeen (VP – Presales, Kingslake), with almost 30 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, Mohamed Sheriffdeen, Vice President of Presales, has leveraged his profound industry expertise to assist a wide array of both local and international clients in successfully implementing various solutions across many industries. 

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