Top 05 benefits of digital time study in apparel manufacturing

Top 05 benefits of digital time study in apparel manufacturing

With the ever-evolving landscape of fashion and production, there’s a pressing need to modernize operational processes, minimize waste, and increase profitability. The management is looking at innovative technologies to enhance the skills of operators so that the factory is able to give faster turnaround times to their customers. In this context, the adoption of digital time study methods emerges as a game-changer. This article looks at the top 5 benefits of employing digital time study data over traditional manual processes in the realm of apparel manufacturing.

1. Faster response time to changing customer demands.

As they say time is money, having a digital library of time study data at your fingertips helps work study teams quickly access the information. Making it easier for them to take informed decisions on how to allocate or reallocate their teams.

2. Higher accuracy of cycle time calculation.

The Standard Minute Value (SMV) is a critical component of determining the efficiency of the production process. A digital database allows for real time data capture and automatic calculation of cycle time against the SMV, reducing the risk of errors and providing more accurate data for better decision-making.

3. Better visibility into production processes.

Work study teams can get a visual representation of the SMV, cycle times, machines, and procedures needed for each style thanks to a digital database. They are able to pinpoint areas in need of development and make data-driven choices that can shorten lead times and boost productivity.

4. Reducing waste. 

Waste reduction has always been a priority for manufacturers, as it decreases production costs and helps with their sustainability initiatives. By identifying bottlenecks early on in the production process it reduces any inefficiencies that may lead to overproduction and unnecessary material handling. 

5. Performance evaluation of employees.

By monitoring specific performance metrics like cycle time, work study teams can pinpoint areas requiring employee improvement. Operators can be offered focused training to enhance their skills. Consequently, work study officers can observe a holistic enhancement in productivity and efficiency. Additionally, this serves as a foundation for implementing reward and recognition programs, motivating employees to excel in their performance.

To experience the above benefits garment manufacturing companies need a convenient software solution which can easily connect with any system.

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