Smart production tracking.

Make the invisible visible.

TrackSmart is an ideal tool to track and improve the visibility of your production floor. Best suited for the apparel industry, this tool ensures that you see what is happening with your orders in real-time.

Track Performance

TrackSmart will tell you exactly what is going on with your production, highlight KPIs like machine and staff performance. This application helps companies to reward the best performing staff and also helps others perform better.

Employee Efficiency

Using Android tablets and re-usable NFC cards, recording transactions is very easy in TrackSmart. Employees love to interact with TrackSmart, with its user friendly screens and custom dashboards.


TrackSmart will track all processes end-to-end, providing planners with real-time intelligence on production, for proactive decision making. This application helps pinpoint stock at various locations on the production floor.

Simple Interfaces

Simple ERP integration, including interfaces to SAP, means you can get data in and out seamlessly.

Work in your own terms

TrackSmart will empower the employees to be interactive and own their data, helping them to achieve more.

Improve uptime

Proactive machine maintenance on the shop floor means you save valuable uptime while analysis of maintenance and repair costs will help you to reduce your overall operational costs.